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About DoneyLeahy

Founded in 1992, doneyleahy is a Perth based financial services and estate planning organization that supports business and individuals to achieve their long term financial objectives.

After more than thirty years in the industry and hundreds of satisfied clients, we are proud to say that we can help you with Estate or Financial planning with confidence, success and understanding. Our USP is our dedication and level of personal service. Every client finds the informal setting in our offices a warm and welcoming change.

Our staff are highly qualified  Financial Planners, but more importantly they are wonderful human beings with a depth of knowledge and understanding who will help you in your journey towards a stable and enriching financial future. DoneyLeahy takes  personal interest in every client and will share with you their vast knowledge, years of experience and  astute planning abilities.

We are equally interested in both high net worth individuals and organisations and in people just starting out in their careers and business start -ups who want to make smart financial decisions.

What really matters to us is that we are able to tailor the financial planning according to your means. That is why we take the time to understand you and your goals and work with you to deliver what you need.

We take a holistic approach and work towards attainable goals. We make no false promises and ensure that you utilize the full potential of your available resources.

Gerry Doney is a sub-authorised representative of DoneyLeahy (Corporate Authorised Representative 304332)